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Remembering Officer Greg Casillas Pomona

How does one put themselves on the line to protect and serve the community? Someone who has their own family to protect. 

Remembering Officer Greg Casillas.

All images by Julian Lucas ©03/2018

A Favorite Interview

In the past years, I have had the opportunity of interviewing many of my favorite photographers for Mirrored Society Books, a bookstore in which I co-own, which started in 2015.

Mirrored Society began as an online store but most attention directed towards our physical store which was located in the city Claremont, which sometimes I refer to as Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, but I won’t get into that right now, I will save it for another post.

Anyway, I had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite photographers and also a good friend of mine Marco Romano Bhimani. Marco who is a Los Angeles native began his photographic journey in 1993, photographing the life of Los Angeles. Marco has also completed projects, such as Children’s Medicine, The Green Wall Project, and My Los Angeles. On a personal note Marco has also taught me interesting facts and ideas of photography as well. One thing that that Marco has taught me was to archive my work and asset management, something I hadn’t heard never before in all my years of taking making photos.

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The Pool Room

When I was about 7 years old, my father would take my younger sister and I to the "pool room", over on 63rd and king drive on the south side of Chicago. Although I couldn’t express myself back then, I did find it intriguing to watch folks shoot pool, gamble, argue and cuss up a storm. It was very comical to listen to and I had a hard time holding in my laughter at times.

Unfortunately the “Pool Room” was demolished. It is now an open field. In addition a side note there was a bar also attached to the “Pool Room” where I would get perch dinners with spaghetti as a side dish.

Photo Courtesy of Google Maps.

Photo Courtesy of Google Maps.